After messing around with my Raspberry Pi and several online guides, I had very little luck with getting an email server established at home. I was unable to figure out the configuration while having my domain at GoDaddy, my hosting at InfinityFree and my email server at my home. I was also very concerned about the security on a home server.

In the end, I decided to purchase another domain name (therueckls.com) and set up my hosting and email at Namecheap.com. Hosting was pretty affordable at $35 for 2 years and it includes 30 email addresses. So, if you want to send me an email, bomber at therueckls dot com or bomber at 5Rueckls dot com.

We also went LIVE with condosatthebrook.com, our website for a condo development. My hosting plan with NC included 3 domain names, so now all 3 domains are live and hosted via namecheap.

Now, the work begins. I have to figure out what I want each site to be and what content should be where. I am planning to have a couple of sections that include photos with my DSLR and photos from my 3D printing. Maybe even a “hunting” page to keep track of all hunting photos.

Until next time.

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