About Me

I am a part time nerd. I am playing around with this website as a hobby.

I purchased this domain as simply a hobby. I plan to learn more and more to make this site better and better. I am currently hosting my domain through InfinityFree.com, which is a free service. I am using WordPress to manage my pages. I have a lot to learn, but planning to “do the work”!

I can’t really talk about my “real” job, so I will just tell you about my Nerd Adventures

1. 3D Printing Nerd

2. CAD Nerd

3. Drone Nerd

4. Tesla Nerd

5. Raspberry Pi Nerd

Things I am hoping to accomplish with this experiment:

A. Have a working personal web page – I guess this counts! It just needs to get BETTER now!

B. Figure out what MySQL is and what I am supposed to do with it

C. Figure out how to self host an email server on a Raspberry Pi – See my latest blog post about progress (or lack thereof)

D. Learn how to customize a WordPress Theme (Change fonts, rearrange things, etc)

E. Add a photo gallery link?

F. Figure out what all these “plugins” do and how to use them….